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Landworks Development Services was established in 2002 as a full-service architectural firm. However, we soon realized that there was a need for efficient project coordination and management between various parties involved in a project. This led us to expand our services and become a leading provider of both architectural and project management services.

We take pride in being a 'boutique' firm that can assemble the best team tailored to our clients' specific needs. Our focus has always been on renovation and rehabilitation projects, ranging from land use assemblage to home remodels, commercial seismic upgrades, and more. Our extensive experience in design, construction, and project management spans across various project types, including new homes, commercial and industrial buildings, restaurants, and shopping centers.

We are committed to delivering successful project outcomes, and we would be delighted to discuss how we can assist you with your latest project. Give us a call today to explore how we can be of service!

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Our Process

LandWorks offers a four-step process for project development. The initial consultation with Robert covers project goals and objectives, budgets, and schedules. The design stage includes site planning, floor plan development, and selection of materials. Once the schematic design is approved, construction documents are developed, and the project team is assembled. Jurisdictional review includes obtaining approvals and permits, while construction administration includes addressing issues that may arise during the process. LandWorks also provides project management services as an owner's representative.

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

Founder and architect Robert Lawrence will consult with you to discuss your project needs, arrange an in-person meeting, and develop project goals, budgets, and design concepts.

Step 2 - Design

In the Schematic Design or Concept Design stage, we review property documents, develop base plans, and create concept drawings. This includes site planning, floor plans, elevations, system reviews, material selection, and cost budgeting.

Step 3 - Construction Documents

After approving the design and setting the budget and schedule, LandWorks will assemble the project team and develop construction documents. These documents are used to obtain pricing, select materials, and analyze the project's cost and schedule.

Step 4 - 
Jurisdiction Review + Construction Management

LandWorks guides the documents through the administrative process for permits. They coordinate with officials and have experience with sub-agencies. During construction, they remain available for questions, site visits, and resolving issues.

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